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CMI announces Prostate MRI!

Lori Darmody

CMI is proud to annnounce our prostate MRI program! We are now offering prostate MRI at our Utica Business Park office. Prostate MRI is used as a tool for specialists to stage prostate cancer and to view the prostate before biopsy. Our radiologists work very closely with local urologists as well as specialists that are not in our local community.

Why is MRI performed before a biopsy? MRI can detect significant tumors so that the biopsies can target suspicious areas. That is really important. The prostate is the only organ in the body that is routinely biopsied blindly, meaning without visualization of the prostate. Now, with our new state of the art 3T prostate technology, "blind" biopsies can be a thing of the past!

In addition, CMI performs multiparametric prostate MRI - that means that our radiologists can characterize tissue in many different ways: tissue vascularity, cellularity, fluid and fat content can all be evaluated. This information is used for detection, suspected progression of prostate cancer and staging. Please call us or speak to your doctor if you have questions about prostate MRI.

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