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3 Tesla MRI

A faster MRI? It's a dream come true!

The latest technology allows for a faster and more efficient MRI exam - and less wait time for you. What's more, our MAGNETOM Skyra's Open Bore design helps prevent that "closed-in" feeling.

As of 2017, our 3 Tesla MRI is the best MRI unit clinically available in the United States. The strong 3T magnet gives you excellent, highly detailed images and resolution. While our 1.5 tesla magnets at our hospitals and Slocum Dickson continue to provide valuable diagnostic tools, the 3T will provide greater detail.

While you enjoy a more comfortable exam, the powerful 3T magnet provides exceptional images so your doctor can have greater diagnostic confidence.

You're not dreaming! 

3T Machine

The Best Things in Life are Three.
3T MRI only at CMI

3T MRI Location

Directions to CMI - Utica Business Park Campus

There are two ways to enter the Utica Business Park. The easiest way to find CMI is to enter through the French Road entrance to the Utica Business Park. We are the first building on the left as you drive up the hill from this direction. Look for our sign on the front lawn in front of our building.

Please Note:

It is recommended that you bring any health care provider forms and/or information so that we may best assist you. This will include all compensation and/or no fault information. Please obtain and bring with you all prior CT scans and X-rays pertaining to your present condition. If you have any questions, please call: (315) 792-4666 or 1-800-839-4666 between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The right magnet, for the right patient, at the right time.

Letter to referring providers

Dear Colleague,

CMI is pleased to announce that we have acquired a new system that offers improved benefits for you and
your patients.

Introducing our new 3 Tesla MAGNETOM Skyra located at the Utica Business Park. This is the most
powerful MRI that is clinically available in the U.S.

The open bore design combined with a 550 lb. patient weight limit, gives us even more flexibility with patients
that have special considerations.

Our scan times will be 50% faster, which means a better experience for your patient. The technology also
includes a quiet mode so that noise is lessened during the scan.

The strong 3T magnet gives you excellent, highly-detailed images and resolution. While our 1.5 tesla magnets
at our hospital centers and Slocum Dickson continue to provide valuable diagnostic tools, the 3 T will provide
even greater detail.

Our 3 T will be preferred for most neurology exams, prostate, vascular, abdomen and rectal cancer staging
exams. For prostate, there is no need for an endorectal coil, making it a comfortable exam for the patient.
We anticipate our new scanner to be ready for scanning in October. Please call our scheduling department
directly at (315) 792- 1985 to schedule a patient.

- John Picano, MD
  Medical Director

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