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CMI Women's Center

Diagnostic Breast MRI

CMI offers both diagnostic and screening Breast MRI.
If you are a patient who is high risk for breast cancer or has any of the indications in this section, your healthcare provider should order a diagnostic breast MRI for you. If you are a patient that has unknown risk, please visit the section about screening breast MRI below.

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Screening Breast MRI

CMI is excited to announce the addition of a new exam called Abbreviated (AB) Breast MRI.  Although Mammography is the gold standard for breast cancer screening, it has limitations with dense breast tissue. Traditional Breast MRI is primarily used for determining extent of disease, monitoring response to therapy and screening high-risk patients.  AB Breast MRI was designed to provide screening for patients that are not considered high risk, but desire the additional screening. This exam is used in addition to mammography and ultrasound to better evaluate dense breast tissue



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